When You Feel Stuck In Life - 4 Ways To Get Unstuck


When You Feel Stuck in Life – 4 Ways of Getting Unstuck

There are times in life when everything is flowing smoothly. And then there are times when you feel stuck in life. Projects falter, relationships seem stale and jobs feel boring. What can you do when you feel stuck in life? What are 4 ways of getting unstuck?

There is a quote which has been attributed to Albert Einstein which says, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Although this has now been proved to not belong to Einstein, it does show us how we can act when we are stuck.

Often times when we you feel stuck in life you keep perpetuating the same habit or behaviour. You want to change yes, but you keep going back to doing the same thing over and over again. You feel more frustrated or angry the more you keep practising this same habit.

Habits Learned As A Child

So where do these habits come from that keep us stuck? Certain psychologists refer back to the early years to work out where our habits come from. It is said by researchers that most of our behaviours are rooted in what we learned from when we were born until we were 6.

Research has shown that the developing brain stays in theta and delta brainwave patterns until the age of 7. At this point the child starts to move into alpha and beta. What does this mean? It means that essentially for the first 6 years of our life we are in a hypnotic trance. We are downloading and learning our beliefs and core patterns. We do not question what we are learning – it just goes straight in.

How Do We Change These Unconscious Patterns?

So if we feel stuck and we feel that we have learned behaviours as children that we no longer want to carry on (as most of us have) what can we do?

What can you do to change these unconscious patterns? How do you move out of feeling stuck? We can either use a process like hypnotherapy or Matrix Reimprinting with a therapist or the following 4 ways to help you get unstuck.

4 Ways of Getting Unstuck?

  1. Mindfulness
    The first practice when you feel stuck in life is to bring mindfulness into what you are feeling. Often times we lead with the mind when faced with unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings. We stay in the head and focus on trying to fix things with our minds. The reality is that this can make things worse. Our mind gets busier and we get more upset.

    The practice of mindfulness helps you to bring an awareness into the body. What does the body feel in this moment? How does feeling stuck really physically feel?

    What's the point of doing this? Well, when you fully feel into the sensations then it can start to shift. The feelings shift and new light is born.

  2. Movement
    If you were to imagine what feeling stuck in your mind or in your emotions would look like in an image or picture what would you see? Could it be something frozen/ stuck, or rigid and unable to move?

    So the second key to getting unstuck in your life is to start to move physically. Recent research from Harvard University showed that even by changing your body posture can change your mood.

    My invitation to you is to go outside, go to the gym, put some music on and move. Maybe it is dance, to go for a run, go for a bike ride or go for a swim. Movement which gets the heart beating and the pulse racing helps to shift this feeling.

    When you start to feel physically unstuck then like magic the mind and the emotions also start to feel unstuck.

    The trick here though is regularity and irregularity. What does that mean? It means to go and do exercise every day, but to do different exercises so that the mind doesn't get stuck in doing the same thing every day. When we do the same thing every day we can start to get stuck in that. Yes, do exercise and move everyday but move in different ways so that your mind and emotions become free.

  3. Freeing Your Emotions...

    The third thing to do when you feel stuck in life is to change how you feel. When you are feeling down, stuck, and don't know what to do sometimes it can not always be that easy to change how you feel.

    The trick though is to lead with your feelings. What does that mean? It means that although you feel stuck, you find something uplifting, or inspiring to focus on. This can mean to focus on what you can be grateful for in your life. You can look around you in this moment and find something to be grateful for. Whatever that may be. It might be that you have a roof over your head, or that you have food in your cupboard. And feel it.

    Another way of changing and freeing your emotions is to remember a really positive memory. It could be a holiday or memory from childhood where you felt wonderful.

    When you start to feel different then you start to look upon your life in a different way. And as you do that you will find that you are no longer stuck.

  4. The Timeline Exercise

    The final way of getting unstuck is to practise the exercise in the video. It is a simple practice where you imagine a timeline from where you are to where you want to get to, eg from being stuck to feeling free, happy, contented and your problem is now solved. You then move from one place to the other physically and then you physically get into the feeling and body posture of what it feels like to have solved your problem and be unstuck.

    Please watch the video and it will give you some ideas for how to use this technique for getting unstuck.

Please do comment below if you found any of these practises helped to get you unstuck. Maybe there are other practises you use when you feel stuck – please share them below.

For those who are still feeling stuck and feel like they need some outside assistance - please do get in touch. I have found in my own life working with and clearing the unconscious patterns to be very powerful and healing. A technique like Matrix Reimprinting can help to release these unconscious blocks.

Many blessings,