An Evolving Man Coaching


An Evolving Man Coaching


Do you feel like you want change in your life and yet see that on your own it is much harder to achieve? Do you know in your heart that you are ready to move forward but do not know where to start?

Men’s coaching can be a very powerful way to not only get guidance from another but also to have the support of someone who has been where you have been and knows what it takes to change.

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Men’s Transformational Coaching

So what does it take to change? And what are the life experiences of someone who has walked the path before you and knows the steps you need to take?

Life coaching with Piers Cross specializes in the following areas:

  • Relationship struggles - “How do I transform my intimate relationship?”

  • Addictions - pornography/ alcohol/ drug/ gambling/ sex. “How do I let go of this addiction? I have tried everything…”

  • Divorce/ separation - “How do I heal and move on from a traumatic divorce or separation?”

  • Peak Performance Coaching - “How do I live at the leading edge of what I am capable of - mentally/ emotionally/ physically/ sexually and spiritually?”

  • Boarding School Survivors - “I know that I still carry wounds from boarding school and yet no one either understands me or has experienced what I have been through. How do I heal my disconnection from others and recover my emotional intelligence?”

Men’s coaching is not for everyone. It takes a certain type of person to get the most out of coaching.

Life Coaching Will Work Well And You Will Get Fantastic Results If:

  • You are willing to give 100% to the process.

  • You resonate with my journey and my message.

  • You know that change requires work and persistence, and a willingness to keep going even when times are challenging.

  • You are willing to invest in yourself

  • You are willing to enjoy the process

Life Coaching Will Not Work & You Will Not Get Great Results If:

  • Someone else has told you to do it

  • You don’t want to change

  • You are not prepared to do what it takes to change

  • You are more concerned about the cost of the coaching rather than investing in your own happiness.

  • You have not got to that point where you’ve had enough and you don’t see the point of changing.

Choose Your Coaching Journey

  1. Coaching Journey 1

    • 5 week commitment

    • 5 x Weekly 1 hour online coaching session

    • Prescribed tasks

  2. Coaching Journey 2

    • 10 week commitment

    • 10 x Weekly 1 hour online coaching session

    • Prescribed tasks

  3. Coaching Journey 3

    • 15 week commitment

    • 15 x Weekly 1 hour online coaching session

    • Prescribed tasks

Coaching Fees

I charge $500/ month for 5 weekly coaching sessions. 10 sessions is $950. 15 sessions is $1400

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